Our Wine Tasting

An experience for all of your senses


the clarity, purity, color and density


the floral, and fruity fragrances


the fiery passion of the sun,the dew on the grapes, the sweetness of the breeze


stories of wine-the land and the people


experience, understand and enjoy


a tasting with winemaker Alfred Rainer Iselin.
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The wineglass

an instrument of diplomats.
Wine tells a story, of sun, wind, and rain. A tale of earth, climate, vintage and variety, of the vineyard and winemaker.

The wine becomes an elixer of life, a medicine and a luxury, it fits the mood and tendency of each day and season.

It is a tool of artists and diplomats, as ambassadors of good taste.

Our Offer

Price per Person

5 Wines 15,00 €
7 Wines 25,00 €